Online & Web-Based Training Program Development

It’s true that e-learning is often a more economical solution than classroom-based learning but what is even more compelling is that when done properly, online training programs can be an incredibly powerful learning and reinforcement tool.

Web-Based Training Development and E-LearningE-learning is a highly sustainable asset that can be called upon when needed - such as when a new employee needs to be trained. It’s easy to see why so many organizations are embracing technology’s role in developing their workforce or educating their customers.

At TSG, we see e-learning as so much more than creating interactive training courses that teach product knowledge or tests proficiency. As a leading branding firm, we feel strongly that the center of each web-based training module must include the brand’s core values. TSG's team of training and creative developers will work hard to weave these tenets deeply into you e-learning module's structure, content and design.

Our e-learning programs are built on Learning Management Systems (LMS) and are based on the ADDIE model of instructional design: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. TSG starts with an assessment of what your e-learning module must accomplish, designs and develops a program to match those learning objectives, implements the project, and finally evaluates the effectiveness of the training to ensure the results parallel the intended goals and needs.

Although the "official” evaluation of the e-learning development project occurs at the end of the process, every step incorporates its own internal evaluation where we solicits feedback for improvements. Using this model, TSG is able to deliver a comprehensive training solution customized for your specific needs.

E-Learning & Web-Based Training Services in MD, DC & VA

Our e-learning services include:

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