Genovation Website Design

Project Highlights

  • Site Design
  • Information/Architecture
  • Website Development
  • ExpressionEngine CMS


Concept, design and develop a website for a car company building a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) ahead of the concept unveiling at a rapidly approaching major industry conference.


Genovation's business was shifting from a company offering electric conversions of Ford Focuses (Foci?) into a company that was developing, designing and building its own model of advanced green vehicles. As they prepared to unveil the concept for their first vehicle, the G2, at the SAE World Congress, the Genovation team hired TSG to revamp their interactive presence from the ground up.

Starting with a series of conversations to help define their objectives and requirements, TSG created a detailed information architecture for the site, which included a site map, content map and a detailed series of wireframes. Based on the approved wireframes, we developed design concepts for the site that highlighted the vehicle's sophisticated design and engineering. The site was then developed with ExpressionEngine CMS platform in less than two weeks so that the site was live in time for the event. 


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