SKYLouver Brand Development

Project Highlights

  • Identity Design
  • Product Naming
  • Brand Development
  • PowerPoint Template Design
  • Collateral Design


Develop a brand for a new clean energy skylight product that sets it apart from increasing competition and makes it an attractive choice for architects, engineers, roofers and green building consultants.


Starting first with an in-depth Discovery process, TSG worked to define the product's unique selling proposition. Among the things we discovered about the product in relation to its competition was that it is the only louvered product that adjusts automatically based on the position of the sun to maximize efficiency. Playing on these cues, we chose the name SKYLouver and paired it with a strong logo mark that not only makes them look polished and professional, but reflects what you might see if you look up in a building with this product installed. We used evocative copy that furthered the "intelligent" positioning, and focused on benefits versus features in order to help make the case for the product.

We have also worked on several corporate communications materials and developed SKYLouver's website, the case study for which can be found here.


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