Branding’s Effect on Employee Retention & Recruitment

Organizations often focus their branding and marketing efforts on enhancing the customer or client experience to make sure they get “the warm fuzzies” whenever they think about the brand. However, there is an entirely different audience segment that is often overlooked yet critically important – employees.

Your workforce, regardless of your industry, is one of the biggest representations of your company, so it’s important to make sure they’re as proud of your brand as you are. As marketers, we know people have an innate desire to work someplace they’ll be proud of, and that intrinsic feeling drives a lot of employment decisions. This is especially true in today’s connected society where when you tell someone where you work, you can guarantee they’re going to Google it to check out the website.

Brand Effects on Your Current & Prospective Employees

It’s the same for prospective employees. They want to know when they take that new job, they’ll be able to boast to their friends about how cool their new company is. If your brand or website is struggling and your competitors’ brands and websites are on-point, chances are slim you’re going to be able to have the most recruited roles of 2018. They’re going to go to work for the company that has a brand and website that make them feel good.

Speaking of the warm fuzzies — whereas benefits packages and compensation used to be the main selection criteria, more and more people are motivated to work somewhere or share a brand based on personal interests, community service and technology. That’s why encompassing personal interests such as sustainability and charity work into your brand and website will make it relatable and personally interesting to both people who work with your company and those who desire to. Clients and prospects will appreciate the positive, more personalized image too!

MD, DC & VA Recruitment Marketing & Advertising Service

If hiring and keeping the best and brightest employees, no matter whether you are healthy or disabled employees, is important to you (and we can’t imagine a scenario where it’s not), give your brand and marketing materials a closer look. Recruitment marketing and advertising is becoming more and more important. If you find you need help strengthening your brand and the various mediums where it’s communicated, you’ve come to the right place.  We know just the creative agency to help. Contact our brand developers!