Believable Branding

This infographic comes from the folks at MDG and discusses the two most important characteristic of a successful brand message: trustworthiness and relevance. With a seemingly endless supply of resources and outlets for brands to communicate their messaging to their audience, choosing the right avenues can be a game changing decision process.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

Digital is king

Consumer opinions and rankings, such as the ones you see when you buy a book on Amazon, lead the pack as the go-to source for online consumers to find trustworthy and relevant information about brands. However, I think that the numbers that correlate with search ads, email newsletters and social media ads are the most impressive. We know that GM recently pulled their Facebook ads and it seems that opinions differ from user to user on how much Google ads are influencing their brands. Here at TSG, we’ve experienced great success with social media and search engine ads both internally and for our clients. The numbers in this infographic attest to why that’s true.

The trend to watch here is the growth in the numbers that correlate with online video ads. Over the past year, video and motion graphics have been relied upon as an efficient and creative mechanism to share brand messaging. We’ve integrated video into clients’ trade show strategy, launch and opening events and for various components of their digital marketing strategy. We’ve found that video is more widely shared and more easily absorbed by viewers – prime reasons to believe that by the next version of this infographic, online video ads will be featured higher on the chart.

Mobile is leading the charge

Unsurprisingly, the infographic indicates that the level of consumer trust in mobile advertising has grown 61% since 2007. 33% of responders found display ads trustworthy and relevant, with similar numbers coming from text ads. Between the growing number of tablet users and availability of smartphones, it’s safe to assume that mobile content will continue to be popular among users. Brands would be wise to plan their brand messaging accordingly.

Nothing beats Mom

As the infographic points out, consumers continue to rely on friends and family for the most relevant and trustworthy recommendations. There simply is no substitute for a brand offering those who choose to interact with it such a positive and unique experience that they have no choice but to share it with other people in their lives.

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Believable Branding [Infographic]

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