eLearning and Marketing in Harmony

eLearning, living in perfect harmony with marketing. The idea may seem off the beaten path, but we believe the two together are a winning combination-and you will too.

The bottom line is we know that some of the most critical marketing happens when a customer interacts directly with representatives of a brand. If the representative is on-point, chances are the customer is going to consume more and tell everyone about it. If the employee doesn’t embody your brand and do a sufficient job, it can be disastrous.

That’s where eLearning comes in.

Sure, eLearning/web-based training is often a more economical learning solution than classroom-based learning. Even more compelling, though, is that when done properly, eLearning can be WAY more effective. Add the fact that eLearning can be called upon when needed and it’s easy to see why companies are starting to adopt this technology at a rapid pace.

At TSG, we see eLearning as so much more than creating interactive training courses that teach product knowledge and skills. We feel strongly that at the core of each WBT module must be the brand’s core values. That belief is reflected in our eLearning case studies for clients like Tandberg/Cisco, Audi, Land Rover University and NASA, which can be found here.

With our mobile learning and communication solutions, companies can easily train employees on-the-go, reinforce learning, improve workforce communication and educate your customers, while still retaining the organization’s core values and communicative goals.

SG’s marketing and design knowledge combined with our technological capabilities can create online learning experiences that other agencies simply can’t. If you’re interested in learning more, just let us know!