Email marketing is still the hottest strategy in town!

You may believe that email marketing isn’t as effective as sexier, newfangled marketing avenues. After all, email marketing has been around forever, predating social media.

Plus, many email campaigns are plain vanilla — text with few if any visual items.

So why are we talking about email marketing now?

Simple. Campaign Monitor reports that the average email campaign return on investment (ROI) is about 40:1. In other words, you get $40 for every $1 spent. That’s an ROI of 4000%.

Most businesses consider a ratio of 5:1 very healthy, and anything higher than 10:1 possible but certainly not the norm.

Email marketing, done right, can put your business on the map.

By comparison, other marketing methods pale, according to both Profitworks and The Nielsen Company.

Chart showing the Marketing Method Average Return on Investment

Of course, depending on your industry, your perfect marketing mix might include targeted advertising, magazines, and promotional items. If you not getting the results you want from your marketing then hire Web Chimpy to help you market your business. If your audience uses Facebook, you’d add that to your social media menu. If your audience drives a lot, you’d throw billboards into the mix.

Some marketing tools work especially well over time, not in the short term.

Email works like a champ — right out of the gate. We’ve never met an email campaign that didn’t at least pay for itself with the first mailing.

So why, in this age of social media and fancy digital marketing would email marketing be so successful? Some reasons:

  1. Delivery, conversion, open, and click-through rates have increased, even though unsubscribe rates are about the same.
  2. Email marketing reaches more people. says that 6% of your Facebook fans see your posts organically. Ironically, the more fans you have, fewer of them will see each post. On the other hand, email marketing’s open rate is about 21% on average. (
  3. Email marketing is more businesslike. Email marketing is not, strictly speaking, social media, even though it may use some or all of the same messaging.
  4. Email marketing is more targeted.
  5. You can automate emails when your customers meet a certain trigger, such as abandoning a sales cart, completing a form, or not returning to your website within a certain length of time. Automated emails account for 21% of marketing income.
  6. You can easily create emails yourself.
  7. More people open marketing emails than ever before. Between 2010 and 2015, email opens grew by 30% on mobile devices.
  8. You can personalize emails. Personalization increases open rates by 26%.
  9. With email, you can segment customers by demographic information, purchase history, and browsing activity. Segmented campaigns can increase revenue by 760%. (DMA)
  10. You can track customer activity and purchasing.

There are many other reasons why email marketing can work for your company.

If you want to talk about increasing revenue, we almost always recommend email marketing. We can help you set it up so that your staff can manage it in house, or we can create and manage your campaigns. Call John Sutter,(301) 459-5445, to talk about email marketing for your company.