Guinness QR Cup

Ah, the QR code. Their seemingly endless applications present a brilliant lifeline in the marketing strategist’s toolbox. Check out this recent application of QR codes merged with another one of our favorite topics: Beer.

Behold the Guinness glass QR code. Created by BBDO New York, this QR code is imprinted in the side of your pint glass and utilizes the color of the beer to help make the code scan-able. But lite beer drinkers beware – what you save in calories you lose in content. BBDO managed to turn the downfall that QR codes have to light and curve into an advantage for the dark-hued Guinness.

Keys to the Kingdom

Like any successful integrated campaign, the key to a great QR code campaign is never leaving your visitor with a dead-end. As soon as they ask “What do I do next?” they will  move away from your app, site or advertisement, rendering your interactive campaign defunct.

Scanning the code on the Guinness glass, however, yields several possibilities, including checking you in on FourSquare, updating your Facebook status, tweeting to your followers and giving you access to coupons, promotion and exclusive Guinness content. Not a dead-end in sight.

Worst-case scenario? You have a decent excuse to ask the bartender to refill your glass. It’s in the name of technology, for goodness (my Guinness) sake.

Tip o’ the hat to Ads of the World for the image.

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