How to Get More Followers on Twitter

A friend of mine DM’d me this morning and asked me how to get more Twitter followers. “Maybe I should stop Tweeting about work stuff?” he suggested.

No, tweet away about work, especially if increasing your professional influence is important to you! As with every other marketing channel, social media should be objective-based. And you should also remember quality is always more important than quantity when it comes to both Twitter followers and content.

How to Get More Followers on Twitter

So, how do you increase Twitter followers? It’s not as hard as it sounds! Here are some tips that can help you find and keep more relevant Twitter followers:

  • Follow everyone of interest to you: every good friend of yours who has a Twitter account; every sports team you love; restaurants you frequent; businesses you’re connected to; celebrities you admire; brands you’re loyal to, etc. If you’re looking for people to follow with similar interests to yours, try using a service like Twellow or WeFollow. Generally, the more people you follow, the more will follow you, but as mentioned, your best bet is to focus on quality over quantity so the people who follow you will be likely to keep following you.
  • Link your Facebook with your Twitter account. Within Facebook, you can add the application Selective TweetStatus. This can be added to your Facebook user account or your Fan Page. It’s easy to configure, and all you have to do is type #fb at the end of your tweet and it will update your status on both Facebook and Twitter. This way, your friends will see your Facebook status and be able to see you have a Twitter account as well.
  • Create a compelling Twitter bio. Even though characters are limited, the more creative you can be in that short space will peak potential follower’s interests. Show people why you’re worth following through your bio.
  • In terms of content, consider all of your different groups of audiences, and try to find a good balance of content for all of them. If you have a significant professional following and a social following as well, try to mix business and pleasure. Leaning too heavily on one side may alienate an audience, causing them to unfollow.
  • As mentioned before, retweet everything that you think will be of value to your current following. It will increase your visibility, and will ensure you, in turn, get retweeted, increasing your visibility.
  • Provide useful links to articles, videos or blogs that are relevant to your business or your personal interests – content is king in social media, and the better the content you are putting out there, the greater your potential reach.
  • Add your Twitter account to your business card and contact information on your company website.
  • Consider integrating your Twitter feed directly into your website. This type of social network integration allows website visitors to quickly see you have a Twitter presence and easily follow you if they want to.
  • Use #hashtags. They will allow people following a specific topic to see who else shares their interest, increasing the possibility you’ll get followed.
  • Finally, keep your Twitter updated. People won’t be as likely to follow you if you only tweet about work or only tweet about sports. Keep Tweets varied and frequent.

Twitter is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media sites out there – it’s a fantastic way to gain visibility on the web and promote your content. And in the marketing world, doing a good job promoting your content is essential!

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