Justified: Making a Case for Blogging, Social Media Advertising and SEO

Brochures, banner displays and infrequent Facebook status updates just aren’t cutting it anymore. You know that. But your boss doesn’t. Your requests for things like starting a company blog or putting together a LinkedIn ad campaign have been pushed aside and shut down simply because your boss doesn’t believe in their effectiveness.

An integrated digital marketing strategy is proven to serve positive results (if done correctly, of course). This article will help you explain why your company can reap huge rewards from putting together a strategy for different digital marketing pieces. We’ll help you prove your case with insights that will back up some of your requests.

A Company Blog

If you can ensure that you’ll be able to keep up with a blog (see here if you don’t think you’ll have time), it’s the best way to complement the short blurbs you send out on Twitter.

According to Biznology’s 10 Reasons why you should have an active business blog, blogging helps your website ranking and improves your online reputation. This is a huge benefit: as the competition for search engine rankings grows larger, anything you can do to keep your company website on the first page of search results is worth doing. By improving your ranking, you’ll also likely increase traffic to your site: Tresnic Media’s blogging case study explains how writing 50 posts in 25 days increased website traffic by 1000% in eight weeks.

In addition to the mandatory company updates and product releases you’re blogging about, you can also post informative, entertaining content. This variation in content type allows your company to develop a personality that will resonate with prospects and customers. It reassures them that they are not simply buyers, but people you care about and respect. Readers may also provide feedback on your posts — both good and bad — that can serve as valuable data when you decide to improve or change products and services.

Social Media Advertising

In 2015, brands are increasingly flocking to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to get in front of their audiences. It makes sense: if the people you’re trying to reach use social networking sites regularly, you should be there to raise brand awareness and increase customer loyalty – especially if your competitors are already one step ahead of you.


Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have fairly simple-to-use ad tools. While it takes time and a good amount of thought to create an effective social media campaign, you will be able to get your company in front of a targeted audience who will eventually recognize your name and, therefore, be more likely to engage or purchase. World leading wind energy company, Vestas, created a LinkedIn ad campaign that outperformed the company’s expectations by delivering over 11 million impressions to its target audience. Impressions are key to getting your name into the minds of prospective clients.

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Moreover, a paid social media ad budget to get you started is unbelievably affordable. Check out this article from Brand Driven Digital that provides a budget chart and more selling points.

Outside SEO Help

Take a moment to type your company’s name into Google’s search bar. Is it on the first page of the results? Good. In the top three? Your company has already hired a Search engine optimization (SEO) expert. Yet, for those of you who had to click to page five to find your company’s website listed, you need to put “Get outside SEO help” at the top of your priorities list.

SEO, to put it simply, allows you to exist within reach of customers’ grasps. You may have designed the most gorgeous, modern website in the world but, unfortunately, prospective customers will not be able to find it without the help of an SEO expert.

Getting outside SEO help will not only get your company noticed by potential customers, but it will also make you far more competitive if you’re at the top of the first page of search results. Otherwise, you’re losing out on new business leads. Commercial construction company, CSM Group, invested in SEO to reposition itself in the marketplace among its larger and better-known competitors. Within three months’ time, its site was placed in the top search results for Google.

This article from Moz outlines SEO’s limitations and reasons why it’ll be around for a long, long time.

Now Go Convince!

Implementing these three pieces of digital media marketing, among others, will benefit your company more than your boss could imagine. Impress the higher-ups with your knowledge and receive kudos when your ideas start generating more fans, sales and leads.