LEGO tells its story through animation

Earlier this week, LEGO celebrated its 80th birthday. To commemorate the event, LEGO commissioned this short animated film as a way to share the little-known story of how one of the world’s most beloved toy groups came to be.

The film shares how Ole Christensen, the founder of LEGO, persevered through economic hardship, World Wars, building fires, a lack of sales experience and seized opportunities to turn his fledging carpentry practice into a quality-drive toy practice.

What the animation accomplishes

This video is a solid example of the value of taking the effort to share the unique story behind your brand. It extolls the brand’s values, humanizes the company’s original principles, and tells a feel-good story. These factors invite viewers to connect with the brand. As a hardcore LEGO fan when I was younger, I’m already familiar with the fact that LEGOs are a good quality toy. But this video, years later, gave me insight into the magic behind the curtains.

Video and motion graphics allows brands to employ techniques that reach viewers on a deeper sensory level than radio commercials, print ads or email newsletters. Since users get to choose whether or not they want to watch the video, brands can be more confident that users who have chosen to hit “Play” are doing so because they want to, not because they’re being “forced” to.

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