Land Rover Event Microsite Templates

Sutter Group recently launched a new project, and we’re excited to tell everyone all about it. This project was for our client, Land Rover. We were tasked with providing Land Rover retailers with a platform to promote and provide details for their special events, which are a big part of the Land Rover experience. One of the key challenges is that given a limited budget, most Land Rover dealers either don’t actively promote their events properly, or they do so in a way that doesn’t keep to the Land Rover brand standards. Working with the Land Rover event marketing team, our solution was a series of customizable microsite templates, which are available to every Land Rover dealer across the United States.

Retailers can pick from a series of images to use as a backdrop, depending on the theme of the event. For example, a wintertime event could have a Land Rover product image on a snowy backdrop. The sites were built using Flash with XML-driven content, and allow the retailers to input event specifics and descriptions and publish the sites using a custom event URL. The sites each include registration/RSVP capability and Google Maps integration for customers needing directions to the event. Retailers are given access to the RSVP database which can be exported to Excel as needed, so that they can accurately track which customers will be attending their event.

Pretty cool solution to a challenging problem if you ask us! To learn more about Sutter Group’s email and landing page design support capabilities, take a look here.