Personalized Pens Offer Affordable Impressions

Promotional pens go back a long way. If you own or manage a small business, investing in promotional pens has been one of the best ways to grow your reach and retain customers. Not only are promotional pens a great way to advertise while giving customers value, they are also convenient and handy to have around.

When a customer receives your logoed pen, they will be reminded of your business and the value it brings to them every time they write with it. Promotional pens are a great item to have on hand at networking events and conventions. Furthermore, others becoming exposed to them will also become aware of your business. The cost per impression for a logoed pen is incredibly low — roughly 1/10 of a cent.

promotional pens infographic

Promotional pens come in a variety of shapes, colors, materials, and prices. When choosing a pen for your business, it is important that you select one that is appropriate to your marketing goals. A pen with a simple logo is effective in retaining existing customers, make great employee gifts, and are handy to have around the office. If you are looking to grow your business, you will want to choose a pen that has a large enough printable area to include your logo, a strong call out, and a phone number or web address to drive new customers to.

Another consideration when selecting a promotional pen is retention. Is your pen going to end up lost in the bottom of someone’s purse or forgotten in a drawer — or will it be a customer’s go-to writing instrument? Value-added features and unique designs can help keep your pen from getting lost in the clutter.

Be sure to select a pen that appeals to the type of clients you seek to attract. If you service the IT community, consider a pen with a built-in stylus. If you deal with finance, consider a pen with high-quality materials, such as metal, that feels executive.

Whatever the construction of your pen, choose one with high-quality ink. Pens with low-quality ink can become clogged, may appear grey, and can annoyingly stop working for no apparent reason. Pens with high-quality ink will write smoothly on a variety of surfaces and should glide smoothly across the paper. Ink color is also an important consideration — most promotional pens are either black or blue — but some can be ordered in other colors as well.

Sutter Group works with a number of suppliers to ensure that all of the promotional pens we design for our clients are the perfect fit for their needs. Our preferred pens come from Prodir. They offer a huge selection of color combinations and finishes, utilize very high-quality ink and, for the price, cannot be beat. Most of their products also offer multiple imprint areas allowing for contact information about your organization, in addition to a logo.

Who uses logoed pens?

  • 68% of midwesterners have a logoed pen — well above the U.S. average.
  • 56% of U.S. consumers own logoed writing instruments.
  • More women than men own logoed pens — 58% vs 54%.

All of the promotional items we design have the opportunity to become a staple in a consumer’s life. Promotional pens offer the potential to take on a very visible role in daily use. Highly visible daily use allows the item to be seen by many other people — at work, in a coffee house, in a business meeting, on the subway, etc. In every case, the presence of your logoed pen is telling the world that your company cares about its customers and employees. It also tells people that your customers are proud of your brand and are happy brandishing an item customized with your brand’s name around town.

If your organization is in the market for unique and affordable ways to promote your business, promotional pens are a great option. We also offer design and branding services for a variety of additional promotional items such at portable power banks, and phone chargers. We can put together promotional goodie packs offering several related personalized items for your organization; i.e., customized cell phone chargers, portable power packs, portable bluetooth speakers, headphones, stylus pens, and packaging. Contact us today to find out more about our promotional items and how to maximize impressions for your advertising buck.