Pocket Money: The Power and Growth of Mobile Marketing

The Mobile Machine is undeniable, and as the infographic below points out, it will only continue to grow at an exponential rate en route to toppling the $5 billion mark by 2015. While desktop and in-store purchasing still lead the group by a significant margin, mobile commerce is on the rise. Its share of the market presents a fascinating opportunity for advertisers savvy enough to merge existing smartphone functionality with lead generation, brand reinforcement and sales opportunities.

Businesses have been tapping into text message for years as a permission marketing opportunity, pushing notifications, reminders and special offers to customers across many different industries. Recently, Facebook bought photo-sharing giant Instagram for a cool $1 billion. Whether you agree or disagree with the valuation, one thing is for sure – tapping into the mobile community and meeting the critical mass where they are is at the forefront of every big business’ brain.

What’s next?

Whether the trend for businesses will be to invest in conventional forms of mobile marketing, such as QR codes, or finding new approaches to reach consumers, like the Red Bull Beat Suite Tweets, the mobile revolution is upon us an in full swing – don’t miss the opportunity to lead the pack.

Pocket Money: The Power and Growth of Mobile Marketing

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