RHCP Goes Interactive With New Music Video


The Red Hot Chili Peppers are being rather literal with their music video for their song “Look Around.”

The interactive video (above) allows viewers to command the camera to drift around to different rooms, as well as discover Easter Eggs that unveil additional photos and videos.

Music videos – and videos in general – have long been a one-way-street where the creator dictates how the medium is viewed. An interactive video like this one, however, allows the viewer to go a step further and become the director of their experience. Talk about maximizing effectiveness. While videos in any form are an extremely effective and creative medium, viewers who come across interactive ones like this are even more likely to share the video with friends, extend their viewing time, engage with the band (or brand, as the case may be), and leave with a more favorable impression than those who view non-interactive videos, like the one RHCP released late last month for the same song.

Red Hot Chili Peppers is not the first group to embrace interactive video (check out this one from OK Go, or this one from Arcade Fire, both via Chrome), but they certainly demonstrate that video is a medium with a ceiling we’re not even close to reaching.