“Star Wars Identities” Series Asks “What Forces Shape You”?

Admittedly, we’re big Star Wars fans. That should come as no surprise. After all, we do employ a tiny green space creature that I personally believe is responsible for most of the mischief around the office. I know he knocked my sandwich onto the floor when I turned around for a split second a few weeks ago. But who can stay mad at the guy?

In any case, when great marketing AND Star Wars meet in one place, we go bananas. The latest iteration of that phenomenon comes in the form of the “What Forces Shape You?” video and poster campaign, part of the Montreal Science Centre’s marketing effort to publicize the upcoming “Star Wars Identities” exhibition. The exhibition seeks to teach visitors about the components that form each of us as individuals.

The agency responsible for the campaign is the Montreal-based agency Bleublancrouge. The posters in the series (below) feature small pieces from the film and the character’s backstory that form their identity in a collage. The buzz around this campaign has been phenomenal. The print and video components are wonderfully creative, inspiring bloggers and news outlets to pick them up and spread the exhibit’s marketing message.






The “Star Wars Identities” exhibit opens April 19, 2012 at the Montreal Science Centre.

Images via the Montreal Science Centre.