Top 25 Sports Team Logos from the ’70s

As a marketing agency, we’ve been involved in some pretty cool branding projects, giving us the opportunity to meld together two of our strongest capabilities – strategy and design.

When it comes to logos, some of the most instantly recognizable ones belong to our favorite sport teams. From soccer to hockey to basketball to football, fanatics spend a pretty substantial amount of time riding the highs and lows of their favorite franchises.

With that in mind, we have compiled 25 of the most clever, quirky and curious professional team logos from the ‘70s, a period of rapid professional league development and far-out design.

Which ones do you want to bring back? Which are you glad are gone? Take a look, and then share with us your favorites in the Comments section below.
atlanta hawks

Atlanta Hawks, 1970–1972


orioles logo 60s

Baltimore Orioles, 1966–1988


golden seals 70s

California Golden Seals, 1970–1979

Indians Logo 70s

Cleveland Indians, 1973–1979


rockies logo 70s

Colorado Rockies, 1976–1982


nuggets logo 70s

Denver Nuggets, 1976–1982


whalers logo 70s

Hartford Whalers, 1979–1980 (Alternate Logo)


astros logo 70s

Houston Astros, 1965–1974


oilers logo 70s

Houston Oilers, 1972–1979


scouts logo 70s

Kansas City Scouts, 1974–1976


aztecs logo 70s

Los Angeles Aztecs, 1977–1978


gatos logo 70s

Miami Gatos, 1972


brewers logo 70s

Milwaukee Brewers, 1978–1993


twins logo 70s

Minnesota Twins, 1976–1986


expos logo 70s

Montreal Expos, 1969–1991


cosmos logos 70s

New York Cosmos, 1971–1977



Oakland Athletics, 1968–1982


lancers logo 70s

Rochester Lancers, 1977–1980


chargers logo 70s

San Diego Chargers, 1961–1973


padres logo 70s

San Diego Padres, 1969–1984


49s logo 70s

San Francisco 49ers, 1965–1972 (Alternate Logo)


sonics logo 70s

Seattle Supersonics, 1975–1995


rangers logo 70s

Texas Rangers, 1972–1995


caps logo 70s

Washington Capitals, 1974–1995


jets logo 70s

Winnipeg Jets, 1974–1979


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