TSG Creates WBT for Premium Automaker

Audi of America recently engaged SG to create a new version of the existing Audi Brand Orientation Web-based training (WBT) module used to familiarize new Audi employees with the brand. Working with Audi Academy staff and subject matter experts, we analyzed the existing course to determine ways to better present the content, user interface and navigation of the module. Once the strategic and basic content development was in place, we developed a design template that, when combined with the revised content and new digital assets, much more closely represented the Audi core brand values of Sporty, Progressive and Sophisticated.

Our solution incorporates advanced functionality including voiceover narration, video and Flash-based games to help users retain and recall information as well as streamlined navigation, bookmarking functionality, SCORM compliance and a post-training evaluation. The result is an effective WBT that speaks to the Audi brand and ensures that the deep knowledge of the brand is easily transferred from employee to customer.

You can read the case study by clicking HERE.