ASCE Holiday E-Card


Create a holiday e-card for the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) that spreads holiday cheer with their annual list of advertisers.


ASCE has a massive list of advertisers that they work with throughout the year in both print and digital assets. This includes the Civil Engineering magazine, the website, ASCE Career Connections online job portal and the Geo-Strata magazine. SG worked with ASCE to create a special e-card that wished the advertisers a happy holiday season and expressed their appreciation for their involvement during the year.

We chose an animated GIF style card because we know that even the most simple animations keep visitors interested longer, have a 30% higher click through rate and are more likely to induce spending than their non-animated counterparts. To take advantage of the boost provided by the animated GIF, we integrated ASCE’s 2013 media kit to encourage users to get an early jump on the new year’s rates.

America Society of Civil Engineers holiday email, which included a holiday greeting, links to media kit and website, and motion graphics gif