Boxing Horse Restaurant Logo Design

Logo sign in front of Boxing Horse Tavern


Create a fun and funky brand for a farm-to-table restaurant with a unique name.

Sutter Group’s creative team worked with the owners of a Maryland restaurant to design a logo around the name Boxing Horse Tavern. The challenge was in finding the right look and feel to suit the name and the space.


Since the owner had already decided on a name, the branding process began in this case with defining the perfect style. Sutter Group’s creative director mocked up several hand-drawn sketches to determine the right direction for the artwork, from a symbolic approach with gloves dangling off of a horseshoe to the more literal depiction of a horse reared up on its hind legs, its hooves in defensive position. Once our client selected the image of a male boxer’s body with a horse’s head, we created a digital version of the artwork and built out a few different looks with varying typefaces and colors.

Sutter Group designed the logo to support Boxing Horse’s brand positioning as a premium restaurant for wedding receptions and fresh farm-to-table dining as well as a neighborhood pub. We landed on an appetizing color palette and a font with an “old timey” flair to suit the tavern’s location in a historic building. Finally, Sutter Group defined how branding could be elegantly used in all situations — from napkins to uniforms — preparing our client to take the logo and gallop away with it.

Sketchbook of Boxing Horse logo designs
Initial logo designs for Boxing Horse Tavern
Early designs for Boxing Horse Tavern logo
Stack of Boxing Horse Tavern business cards, front and back
Inside of Boxing Horse Tavern with Sutter Group designed logo on the brick wall