Land Rover Walkaround App


Develop an interactive tool that not only helps Land Rover retailers better understand the needs of their clients, but that also helps tailor the sales process for each customer.


Having already recognized the importance of delivering training and retailer resources on Apple’s iPad, Land Rover North America had begun rolling out iPads to their retail network. When they shared their desire to improve their retailers’ needs assessment efforts, we knew the iPad was a tool that could help in that regard, but our challenge was to use that information to turn retailers into more effective sellers.

Our solution was an iPad application that encouraged the retailers to first find out what makes their customers tick. A simple, one-page form allows retailers to collect valuable lifestyle information, preferences, buying triggers and budget information. Once that information is entered, the retailer submits the form and the application builds a custom, needs-based walkaround, or guided tour of the vehicle.

Whereas in the past, the walkaround featured general characteristics of the vehicle, with the new app, the retailer now has access to a guide that helps them deliver a custom-tailored walkaround. For example, if the customer identified that they regularly golf, as the retailer gets to the rear portion of the walkaround, it would note that the vehicle allows up to 6 full-size golf bags in the rear. Similarly, if they identified that they are into watersports, the retailer might highlight how big a boat the Land Rover can tow.

An additional benefit of the app is that it allows retailers to call up interactive information about specific vehicle features to help better explain the concepts. For example, it’s difficult to truly convey just how much airbag coverage there is in the new Land Rover vehicles without seeing them fully inflated. The app allows the retailer to show a cutaway view of all of the airbags deployed. Similarly, complex concepts like the Magnaride suspension are difficult for retailers to convey standing carside — the app will allow them to pull up an interactive animation that easily and efficiently (and consistently) explains the concept.

Land Rover Interactive Walkaround app, Needs Assessment page
Land Rover Interactive needs based walk-around app – Step 3: Overall view
Land Rover Interactive Walkaround app, Needs Assessment page