Email Marketing

Successful email marketing is one part message, one part design, and one part technology. It’s a recipe we’ve mastered.

As businesses and individuals access their email accounts at an increased rate every day, email marketing has become an incredibly valuable asset in the marketers toolbox to reach new prospects, engage existing clients, and re-spark the relationship between your firm and those who you have done business with in the past. The Sutter Group, a Maryland-based full-service marketing agency, can help integrate your email marketing campaign into your overarching marketing plan as a cost-effective way of engaging your audience, as well as gathering valuable insights about their likelihood of engaging your business or company further. Email marketing can be used to quickly spread the word about a special offer, an upcoming event or critical information about your brand - such as offering a new product or service.  

Cost-Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Building a custom email marketing campaign doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. In fact, businesses and organizations that team the top email marketing agency in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., The Sutter Group, get the benefit of 25 years of award-winning design and technological prowess on their side. Digital design and technology helps create an interactive marketing asset, and when done through email, you’re putting your messaging information into your audience’s hands instantaneously. 

Email marketing is an asset that many of our clients use because, unlike print, once the email template has been designed and developed, it’s a reusable tool that they can use time and time again to promote their brand, share their latest news and continue to bring in new prospects. When’s the last time your postcard campaign did that?

Driving Email Marketing Results Through Analytics

How do we know that our email marketing campaigns are successful? Using a series of metric-gathering mechanisms, TSG can help you understand who’s receiving your message, how the recipients are interacting with the email, and who is being converted to a sale. The Sutter Group, a top email marketing agency service in Maryland, believes that running your campaign through the metric gauntlet is paramount to a successful, cost-effective campaign. Without a mechanism in place to gather and review analytics, your email marketing campaign may be relegated to the dreaded spam folder.

We use a number of tools to help gather and analyze email marketing campaign results, which results in an effective pool of data that your sales and marketing team can use to help continue build your business and generate new leads.

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