Event Support Materials

Use events to enhance the connection between your target audience and your brand.

Whether it’s a trade show, fundraiser or corporate event, properly marketing your big event can help ensure you reach your target audience, generate buzz, put people in the seats, and deliver an amazing event experience.

SG is capable of producing everything your event needs, including signage, social media campaigns, apparel, promotional items, pre- and post-event direct marketing, trade show displays, and more. And in everything we do, we have your brand identity in mind with the highest possible level of design and production expertise.

Event Identity

Nothing helps set the tone like a well-designed event logo, and SG has created unique event identities for events of all shapes and sizes. We believe that great creative makes an exceptional event experience because it helps your guests it as a unique experience and allows you to create a theme or story behind the event.

Top Trade Show Displays and Design

Sutter Group is a preferred distributor for leading trade show suppliers across the U.S. What that means for our clients is that we’re able to provide the very best quality trade show/conference exhibits and supplies for a fraction of the cost and without frustration.

Trust our out-of-this-world in-house creative and strategy teams to concept and design exhibit materials – from handouts and roll-ups to background displays – that not only attract attendees’ attention, but also present them with a concise and powerful message about your brand.

Launching New Products, Brands and Services

You get one chance at a first impression — make it count. A successful product launch provides attention for your brand and compels attendees to participate in spreading the word. It shows people that you’re serious about your product, your brand, and about providing the very best for them. An event can be a great way to enhance your go-to-market strategy.

A great launch event is more than just showing off your new brand, product or service. It’s about telling the story, sharing the messaging, and building a relationship with the audience. We are adept at integrating powerful design and technology to create a memorable experience for your audience.

We’ve helped create launch events for some of the finest brands in the world, and can ensure that your guests will take with them a lasting impression that will generate buzz and kickoff your new product, brand or service in style.

Promotional Products and Branded Premiums

Who doesn’t love a giveaway? From tote bags to iPads, we’ve helped think up some pretty clever and memorable promotional items for our clients to give to prospective clients and new brand participants, or as ways to thank sponsors and leaders. We strive to deliver products that meet the same quality standards as are applied to other areas of your brand.

While the item itself is guaranteed to put a smile on your visitor’s face, the delivery method is where you have the opportunity to turn a pedestrian participant into an active advocate. Our strategy team is ready to help you do just that.

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