Virtual Reality for Training

Virtual reality training compliments OJT training in companies worldwide

Virtual reality training is re-inventing how people learn. These days, employees are donning a lightweight headset to learn how to

  • Work safely
  • Build and repair structures and equipment
  • Perform medical procedures and surgeries
  • Handle active shooter or armed robbery situations

And even…

  • Deliver more empathic customer service

Sutter Group makes virtual reality for companies just like yours

Sutter Group is at the leading edge of virtual reality development, creating artificial and realistic settings to train staff in a variety of tasks and interactions.

Virtual reality is used to help train employees in

  • Airlines
  • Construction industry
  • Entertainment
  • Farming
  • Financial services
  • Food processing
  • Hotel industry
  • Medical industry
  • Moving companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Restaurants
  • Travel services
  • Many others

Virtual reality makes training more effective and more affordable

The key to virtual reality’s success is the immersive sensory experience it creates. People learn better by doing. With virtual reality, the brain processes what appears to be a real experience. The experience is vivid and memorable as well as accessible for review.

Virtual reality is great news for companies around the world. Employees can be trained on site, saving on travel and other workshop costs. Virtual reality training is consistent and presents information in the same order every time. Virtual reality doesn’t “forget” to present key information. Plus virtual reality can offer testing and compliance.

If you’d like more information about how virtual reality can serve your company, give John Sutter a call at 301-459-5445.

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