Online Advertising (SEM)

Online Advertising

Increased direct traffic, improved brand awareness and better testing for conversion rates are all results associated with online advertising. SG offers several types of digital advertising; among the most effective are Google Adwords and mobile advertising.

Google Adwords

Developments in advertising technology now allow for targeting the right audience at the right time using sophisticated, yet simple, methods. Crafting the right message is still challenging and requires the right set of skills and experience. Sutter Group can help your brand grow the end-user and driver sides of its business through using Google Adwords. Prior to launching a Google Adwords campaign, we provide a complete risk analysis. For instance, we would give your company a competitive analysis that offers Search Engine Marketing recommendations, competitive analytics, an AdWords plan, etc.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising also helps improve brand retention and market saturation. Using a programmatic ad-buying tool, Sutter Group can design mobile ads (even using video) and get those messages in front of an audience based on location. While this type of advertising works best with consumer-facing products and services, B2B messages can also be tested.

This suggestion would be supported by further research into your target audience and should be one of several pieces of your marketing mix model.

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