Content & Copywriting

The latest marketing catch phrase, that we’ve all heard time and time again, is “Content is King”. Sutter Group believes in this truth. With the right words, tone, images and medium, your brand’s content can become a valuable asset in heightening brand awareness, increasing trust and gaining new customers. Sutter Group’s copywriters and designers work side-by-side to produce effective pieces of custom content through the following mediums:

Blogs: Based on pre-approved topics, we opt for quality writing, incorporating relevant information. We work with industry experts on repurposed content to bring your organization’s thought leadership to life.

Press Releases: Based on interviews with company representatives, these heavily researched pieces can be distributed on newswire distribution services, on-site newsrooms, and via email to reporters.

Emails (Promotional): Announce an event, company news, or a new offer with our eye-catching promotional emails. These occasional emails can spark sign-ups or social engagement with creative copywriting and sharp imagery.

Emails (Newsletter): These regularly-distributed pieces of content can establish thought leadership and keep brands top-of-mind. SG can create the best opt-in experience in the form of weekly/monthly email newsletters.

Infographics: Visually captivating ways of communicating myriad pieces of data are a great way to invest in sharable content. We can design animated or flat infographics based on supplied data points.

“Bite-Sized” Graphics: These are small graphics that help brand a photo or illustrate a single data point. They can be branded or non-branded, while still carrying a marketing message.

White Papers: Used to explain a product or service, or encourage potential customers to learn more, white papers are long-format content pieces that often build brand trust with their helpful nature.

E-Books: These programs are not only more economical than classroom-based learning, but they are powerful learning and reinforcement tools. SG designs, develops and implements a program to match the learning objectives that your company puts forth.

Videos: To capture and hold your audience’s attention, videos are your best bet. We can produce a video that spreads the word about your company, highlights the benefits of a product or service, or effectively conveys complex or technical concepts.

Content Strategy (Website)

While content creation is obviously our end goal, the strategy that informs that content is crucial to its success. When preparing to draft website copy, our strategy team develops key pieces that work together to create a solid, research-backed strategy.

Content Road Map: Spells out goals for the content, connecting them to marketing and business objectives.

Keyword Research: Identifies potential topics, themes and phrases for use in your content.

Target Audience Personas: Used to make sure we’re creating content your current and/or potential clients and customers want to read and share.

Custom Metrics: Used to track the performance of the content on a regular basis.

Content Management (Website)

Your customers’ or fans’ needs and wants are constantly changing. So too, should the content you produce stay relevant, interesting and top-of-mind. Sutter Group can be your content management team, accomplishing everything from creation, to publishing, to oversight.

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