Game Development

Interactive Game Development

It is our belief that the best interactive marketing tools result from a comprehensive, strategic and methodical process that goes well beyond a simple development exercise. We call that process Comprehensive Interactive Development. Our solutions ensure that each interactive game we develop properly uses the concepts, narratives, and activities needed to communicate the right messages about your brand or organization.


Sutter Group builds engaging, interactive, browser-based games that utilize the concepts, narratives, and activities currently being developed for your organization. We use the most current code, meaning your game will be built on top of HTML 5, CSS3 and Javascript, with the goal to have the game work in all modern desktop browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE 9+. In addition, the games we develop are responsive and thus work, in modified form, on modern mobile Webkit-based browsers and on devices including both tablets and smartphones.

To ensure that your game will continue to stay relevant and easily updated long after its launch, we build with a Javascript driven game engine that will not only meet the requirements set forth for browser compatibility, but also allow for additional graphics and content updates in the future, without requiring the creation of any additional code.

All aspects of the game will utilize only web client capabilities. Content will be compliant with Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act, to meet government standards for website accessibility. Sutter Group produces game infrastructure and design elements created in collaboration with you.

Development Process

Our development process for interactive game projects is aligned with the ADDIE model of instructional design. The sequence of events in this model is Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. Sutter Group starts with the assessment of what is needed, designs and develops a program to match those learning objectives, implements the project, and evaluates the effectiveness of the game to ensure the results parallel the intended goals and needs.

Quality Assurance

Although the “official” evaluation of the project occurs at the end of the process, every step incorporates its own internal evaluation, whereby SG solicits feedback and suggestions. Using this model, we are able to deliver a comprehensive training solution customized for your specific needs.

Screenshot from Cupid's Gambit interactive mobile and online game
Screenshot of home screen of "Spoiled Rotten", an interactive game designed by Sutter Group