This visually captivating format of communicating myriad pieces of data is a great way to invest in shareable content. As our attention spans continue to decrease, our brains crave quick, eye-catching bits of information. Infographics utilize graphics and concise blurbs to effectively explain complex topics, tell a story, or display data.

For one of our clients, the American Society of Civil Engineers, Sutter Group created infographics that helped tell their story and inspire action.

Their annual event, which usually takes place within the continental United States, was going to happen in Panama. To encourage attendance and spread awareness about this unique conference, Sutter Group designed a stylistic flow of information that was indicative of the location and its target audience. Check it out here.

Additionally, an initiative called Raise the Bar concerned the certification levels of practicing engineers and equipping them for the future as the environment changes. Education is a large part of this initiative, so Sutter Group created a classic piece to accompany other literature being distributed at events and online.

We can design either animated or static infographics, based on supplied data points.

Infographic handout printed fact sheet about the impact of NAFTA
NASDA Fact Sheets Marketing Collateral
Climate Change Powerpoint Design Enhesa
Panama Canal Social Infographic Example
sharable Infographic design example
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