Strategy & Research

Need a brand refresh? Or want to start from scratch? We can help.

We apply a well-thought-out strategy to everything we do.

Brand Audits & Research

We start by rolling up our sleeves and delving deeply into what makes your organization stand apart — your history, challenges, competition, audience, and opportunities. We can also conduct a competitor analysis to create an independent view of the landscape. Ultimately, what we are going to figure out is: What is your brand strategy? The answer will help guide every decision made from this point on.

Because Sutter Group also provides market research services and marketing strategy plans, we offer clients a chance to supplement our brand audit research with in-depth research reports. We can also conduct surveys through social media to collect additional consumer insights before beginning the branding process.

Brand Refresh Options

If your brand has a history, we can conduct a brand audit to learn more about the perceptions associated with it. Even the most established and recognizable brands undergo a brand refresh from time to time — sometimes simply to update the logo — while other times it represents a business strategy shift or management change.

If you don’t think your brand identity needs a total overhaul, but still feel it could be improved, you might consider having our brand identity design team take your brand through the refresh process.

Competitor Analysis

In order to propel your brand ahead of its competitors, we take the time to understand its strengths and weaknesses so that we can put your brand in the best position to explode into the market. Think of us like a Vince Lombardi or Phil Jackson. We watch the tape, learn their strategy, and game-plan accordingly. The more that we understand your competitors, the greater our ability to craft a unique and memorable positioning statement.

Stakeholder Input

Your customers, leaders, investors, management, partners, employees — whoever has a strong sense of your brand — that is who we want to talk with the most. The more conversations that we can have with stakeholders who are intimately connected with the brand, the greater our ability to pinpoint your brand positioning.

Understanding the perspective of those who drive your business is a critical step in determining the challenges that are holding your brand back, as well as the unique opportunities that your business can explore to propel your brand forward.

Partnership Approach

In our experience over the past few decades, we’ve formed great working relationships with our clients. We take the approach that this is a partnership that our agency is vested in. To do this, we take the time to surround ourselves with your teams, learn every aspect of your sales cycle, understand your manufacturing process, leadership style, history, and routine. The end product is usually better for it.

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