Augmented Reality

Create an enhanced version of reality with breakthrough technology

Augmented Reality (AR) functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality by imposing digital information on an image that is viewed on a device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Augmentation is conventionally live and in context with environmental elements.

AR can be used to explain complex products or services, or enhance an experience. Sutter Group has extensive experience in creative interactive marketing and engagement tools; augmented reality is a modern, exciting solution for the unique challenges that some companies face.

Our client, Mine Safety Appliance (MSA) is one of the World’s premier safety equipment manufacturers, with more than 40 international locations that help protect lives in over 140 countries. Recently, MSA released their latest innovation, the ALTAIR 2X Gas Detector, a revolutionary product that significantly increases safety when it comes to gas detection in mines. With the new product being the first of its kind, MSA wanted to create an engaging, interactive way of demonstrating just how the ALTAIR 2X Gas Detector functions.

Using the Unity game engine, SG designed a custom augmented reality app featuring a 3D model of the ALTAIR 2X Gas Detector. To explore the Detector’s different elements and functions, a user opens the app on their Apple/Android device, points it at the ALTAIR 2X device, and up comes a 3D model. Users can zoom, rotate, open the device to see its internal components, and click each part for function and product details. Linked through the different components are videos, purchasing specs, and more.

MSA Interactive App design