Brand Design & Development Services

Branding is at the foundation of everything we do. Period.

Brand Design, Logo and Identity Development

A brand identity is much more than just a logo and color palette, it’s what sets an organization, person, product or service apart. Our branding work is always process-driven – and not just any process. It’s the same process used to craft the biggest and best brands in the world. While some companies will claim to have a “proprietary” brand building process, ours is tried-and-true. 

The Brand Building Process

Research & Discovery

We start by rolling up our sleeves and delving deeply into what makes your organization stand apart – your history, challenges, competition, audience, and opportunities. We want to know where you come from, where you are, and where you want to be tomorrow. We put ourselves in your teams’ shoes, sit with your customers and analyze your competitors, all to arm our team with the information to build a powerful, unique brand.  

Strategic Brief & Creative Design

With the necessary research and knowledge intact, we can begin to develop a branding brief that outlines the target audience and their motivations, a brand’s unique selling proposition (USP), support for that position, tone and any other input that is critical for developing the brand. Our creative team uses this as a reference to develop the elements that comprise the brand. 

Brand Implementation & Stewardship

Our work doesn’t stop when a brand is established. We constantly work to ensure a brand is properly implemented throughout all marketing materials in a way that the integrity of a brand is maintained. 

Our brand building, design and development services include:

Interested in our Branding Services?

Whether you want to rebuild your existing brand or give a new one the best first impression for a new product or service launch, we’re the ones to help. From naming to logo design to brand positioning and development, we’ll make sure your brand is as polished as possible. Take a look at our portfolio, then drop us a line.


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