HHS Technology Group Branding

HHS Tech Logo on Installation

HHS Technology Group is a great example of a company that needed a branding update. After a thorough research and discovery process, we developed the new name and gave this exciting software development group a new look and feel.

We developed a strong brand that carries through to print, web, and advertising in strikingly different, though consistent, ways. We then developed Corporate Guidelines with a complete logo, color, and type guidelines for all HHS collateral.

HHS Logo design options
Configuring colors for the "H" in the HHS logo
HHS Technology Color Breakdowns
HHS Technology Style Guide
HHS Logo specs, showing how much space should be allowed around the logo
HHS Technology Website as shown on a computer screen
HHS Technology Website as shown on multiple mobile devices
HHS Technology Typography from Style Guide
HHS Technology Collateral – Business Cards and Hanging Sign