NAVEOS Website Redesign

Project Highlights

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • ExpressionEngine CMS
  • Information Architecture


Create a fresh, easy-to-use interactive presence that positions a new brand as a leading provider of healthcare data analytics services.


NAVEOS, formerly known as DSH Management Solutions, is a leader in healthcare data analytics – an extremely competitive and complex field. To help share their mission with the world, TSG took on numerous projects around their rebranding. It became immediately clear that their biggest source of frustration was their website, which was outdated, complex and did not effectively share their services or differentiators.

We based the reorganized site architecture on how users – both new and returning – would access the site. Since NAVEOS’ “Client Tools” portal is a key part of their digital presence, TSG featured that section prominently on the new site to allow a more intuitive experience. We reduced items in the top-line navigation, reorganized the content, simplified dropdowns, and redesigned the homepage to showcase NAVEOS’ services and their endorsements. We also felt their 100% return-on-investment guarantee was a strong message, and featured that prominently on the homepage.

The News page is a feature of this site that serves at NAVEOS’ primary tool for distributing press releases, sharing updates, and broadcasting the happenings of their business. It also features a mechanism for collecting email addresses so that NAVEOS can stay in touch with their prospects and customers.

To announce the launch of their brand new website, we developed and distributed an HTML email to clients and prospects to ensure them that they could expect the same great service and tools that DSH Management Solutions offered, only under a new brand name.


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