Skyline Brand Development

Project Highlights

  • Brand Development
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Identity Design
  • Brand Strategy


Develop a new, unique brand for a company that has evolved from an IT Networking company into much, much more.


When Skyline Network Engineering was born in 2004, its main focus was working on projects in the IT and Networking services disciplines. Over time, they seized project successes to broaden their services to include technology systems ranging from fiber optics to video to physical and cyber security as well as intelligent transportation solutions.

That evolution obviously necessitated a change, which was put into motion when they changed the name to Skyline Technology Solutions, and updated the logo to something more modern—but Skyline recognized the need for a process that went much deeper than a logo to develop the brand positioning and communicate it through a cohesive brand platform.

That’s where TSG came in. Through exhaustive Discovery and Research, we developed a strategic platform that clearly articulated their values statement and brand positioning. The gist of that positioning was that for Skyline, it’s not about the technologies, because those change all the time. It’s actually about a culture and philosophy that enables them to develop ground-breaking technologies that solve their clients’ pains. Guided by this philosophy and the trusting relationships they build with their clients, there are truly “no limits” to the solutions they can provide.

After establishing the strategic direction, we moved forward with creative that not only differentiated them very clearly from their competition, but that also communicated the big idea that nothing is impossible with the right approach. Images of Yves Behar, the Great Wall of China, and a footprint on the Moon were used throughout to complement the messaging, and a suite of patterns were used as branded graphics to extend the platform. We also developed a style guide that included typography and color palette specifications.

In tandem with this brand work, we also crafted a marketing plan and launch strategy, which outlined a full range of marketing materials that business development and marketing teams would use to grow the business. We are currently in the process of rolling out this plan and look forward to formally launching this new brand.

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