Dedon: ``Blades of Grass`` Installation

We’re no strangers to creative displays, but this one sure is jaw-dropping.

This motion-detecting window display was built by Sekati of New York using Microsoft Kinetic for directional movement and depth detection (among a few other bits of scientific know-how). The result is an interactive front display that merges nature, design and technology facing the foot-traffic heavy streets of Soho to turn preoccupied passerby’s into engaged, curious onlookers. What makes this display successful is that it is an unexpected, yet non-intrusive solicitation aimed at pedestrians. As creatures of habit, we expect to walk past a display like this on the street, at the mall or at places of business and receive no real stimulation. Folks who pass by this display are taken off guard as they expect a typical experience, but are invited to interact with it.

This sort of project is relatively inexpensive to produce (probably less than you’d think) and results in an engaging, unique experience that reinforces brand messaging, builds buzz and turns the passive into the curious.

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