How Do Colors Affect Purchases?



Spring is in the air in D.C., and so are branding projects. We’ve gotten to quite a few over the years, and one thing that we’ve kept true since Karen opened the doors nearly 25 years ago is that when it comes to good design, color is important. When it comes to marketing, however, color is absolutely critical. Colors denote tone and they set the pace for your brand by setting off psychological indicators in your audience. Red? Aggressive. Yellow? Energy. The list goes on and on through the spectrum.

The takeaway points

As this infographic from KISSmetrics points out, consumers rely on visual appearance over any other quality. This is why when we go through a branding exercise we line up every single on of our clients competitors to understand how we can create a tasteful contrast to the noise, positioning their brand in a favorable and refreshing light. While colors for a logo or identity are incredibly important, it’s also crucial to pay attention to the overall design and aesthetics of the scheme in which it is displayed.

To prove this point, the infograpic highlights the fact that 42% of shoppers based their opinion of a website on overall design alone, and 52% of shoppers did not return to the site because of overall aesthetics. When you’re using your website as a sales tool to drive awareness, traffic and conversions, as well as increase your organization’s credibility, design, usability and architecture are not “buzz words” — they are meticulously calculated factors that can make or break your website.


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