New Website Alert: Genovation Cars

We’re super excited to announce the second launch of the, a site we concepted, designed and developed from scratch in just a few short weeks.

This relationship was the result of a serendipitous occurance that in all our years of business has never happened before. We actually found Genovation while walking to another new client’s office. As you know, Sutter Group loves automotive marketing, so when we saw the sign outside of their office, we had to stop in and say hello. We quickly realized our companies were a perfect fit, as they were pushing toward a concept unveiling at SAE (Society for Automotive Engineers) World Congress.

With the concept unveiling, Genovation Cars’ focus was changing from building prototype models, to offering a completely new model that they plan to start selling next year to the consumer market. As a result, their old website simply no longer reflected the direction of their company. Our solution was a completely reengineered site built on the content management system Statamic using technologies such as PHP, Javascript, JQuery and more that incorporated advanced features like a blog, rotating image banner, site-wide search, social sharing tools, integrated email newsletter signup and more. The team at Genovation is beyond thrilled with the result.

You can read additional details about the project over here or visit the site here.