Animation and Motion Graphics

Animation and motion graphics can seriously strengthen your message delivery.

In order to engage your audience, sometimes photos and text simply aren’t enough. Sutter Group can design and develop motion graphics that will strengthen your message, engage your audience and become a valuable part of your marketing plan. What’s more, motion graphics can help visually demonstrate a complex idea or product quickly and effectively — saving your prospective customer time and increasing your opportunity for a conversion. Our creative and strategy teams have employed motion graphics in the following ways:

  • Digital advertisements and website banners
  • E-mail newsletters/marketing campaigns
  • Promotion and demonstration videos
  • Looping reels for trade shows and events
  • Short corporate films

There are several ways to go about integrating animation and motion graphics into your marketing plan:

Strategy-Driven Motion Graphics

Without a coherent, intentional strategy driving your animation or motion graphics project, you could very well end up with an expensive and ineffective promotional piece on your hands. However, by teaming up with Sutter Group, your business can decrease the learning curve, reinforce your brand, and engage prospective customers in a fresh and innovative way. We employ some of the best and brightest marketing strategists in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., so our client’s motion graphics projects become extremely effective assets that help build sales. Our team works to understand your objectives and your audience so that we can help create the most impactful motion graphics project possible.

Creative Motion Graphics Design

Sutter Group has over three decades of award-winning design experience — not only for clients in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., but for partners across the nation. Our creative team uses the best available design tools and technology to bring the strategy created for your motion graphics project to life. While each project that we work on has its own unique specifications and design requirements, our experience creating motion graphics ensures that we can work as efficiently as possible to save our client both time and money.

SG asks, “What’s next?”

We know that your motion graphics project doesn’t end once it’s implemented in the proper medium. In fact, that’s only the beginning. We understand that success comes through tracking and translating campaign metrics. We spend a great deal of time analyzing a project while it is running and following its conclusion so that we can help our clients not only make sense of the tangible impact that their campaign is having on their bottom-line, but to also understand the best possible way to move forward.

As a full-service marketing agency with a depth of expertise across various technical and design-oriented advertising fields, we can be your go-to firm for the long haul. While you have our commitment to making sure that your motion graphics project is completed on-time, on-budget, and on-message, we continually ask ourselves, and our partners, “What’s next?”, so that we can continue to be an effective partner for you. Consider us your one-stop marketing shop.