What's your canvas?

I’ve been pretty inspired lately by this story of Simon Beck and his snow “crop circles”. If you haven’t seen Simon’s work, take a look at his Facebook profile (there’s a link below) or scroll down to see some of my favorites here.

Simon isn’t an artist by trade. He’s an orienteering engineer. He loves running, but due to a foot problem, he can’t do that any longer. So instead, he walks. In patterns. 54-year-old Beck straps on his snowshoes, and, using his engineering background, he creates some of the most stunning geometric designs you’ll likely ever see in the snow.

You don’t have to be a fine artist to create beauty. What makes this story truly awesome is that Simon has taken his strength to create something remarkable — he didn’t simply succomb to the conventional parameters of art. The world is your canvas. Your brush is for you to choose. Your mission is to create something beautiful.






See more of Simon’s art on his Facebook page.