Genovation Cars Website Redesign

Genovation website home page shown on Macbook Pro


Concept, design and develop a new website highlighting Genovation’s latest all-electric GXE Corvette to coincide with two recent world record-setting events accomplished over the summer. They first set the new world record for an all-electric street legal vehicle, then broke that record again with a top speed over 205 mph.


Genovation’s business was shifting from their G2 model vehicle into a company that was developing, designing and building the GXE Corvette, currently utilizing the C6 Z06 body style. As they prepared to both debut the new concept and attempted to set the world speed record, the Genovation team again hired Sutter Group to revamp their interactive presence, geared toward driving awareness and, eventually, sales of the new vehicle.

Starting with a series of conversations to help define their objectives and requirements, Sutter Group created a detailed information architecture for the site, which included a site map, content map and a detailed series of wireframes. Based on the approved wireframes, we developed design concepts for the site that highlighted the vehicle’s sophisticated design and engineering. The site was then developed in less than three weeks, utilizing Statamic as the Content Management System (CMS), so that the site was live in time for the first record-setting event.

Click here to see the Genovation Cars website.

Genovation website partial home page screenshot
Genovation website partial home page screenshot