Millennium Challenge Corporation Branding

MCC Emboss


Create a logo for Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), a government agency that provides grants to third world countries, that is easily identifiable as of U.S. Origin. Requirements were a color palette of red, white and blue, the inclusion of stars and stripes, and, oh yeah, don’t make it look like a U.S. flag!


Sutter Group designed a simplistic logo, as it will often be placed on shipping crates, vehicles, hard hats, and warehouses, as well as brochures and letterhead. Ideally, the icon is to become instantly recognizable because in those third world countries with whom MCC partners, English may not be spoken or understood. The three stars in the blue field represent the three criteria countries need to adhere to in order to qualify: good governance, economic freedom and investments in their citizens. The red and white stripes represent roads and plowed fields, a nod to the two types of projects — agriculture and transportation — in which MCC is involved. SG designed the logo in horizontal and vertical format and incorporated the tagline “Reducing Poverty Through Growth”.

MCC Base 2
MCC Base
MCC Mockup Business Cards 05
MCC letterhead
cargo storage shipping container containers
MCC Truck
Millennium Challenge Corporation Flag