NCMEC Interactive eLearning Game

NS Teens Challenge Online Educational Game - Home screenshot


For 30 years, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Teens (NCMEC) has been at the forefront of the fight to keep children safe from abduction and sexual exploitation. NCMEC came to Sutter Group to develop an eLearning game as part of their NSTeens program, which teaches tweens and teens about making safe choices online. NSTeens wanted a game that would be engaging but also highly educational, covering the five key areas of internet safety: inappropriate content, grooming, online privacy, cyber bullying, and website reliability.


Leveraging the power of HTML5 and Javascript, we developed an interactive module that is playable on all desktop and mobile devices. SG worked directly with NSTeens stakeholders to develop each gaming level, and developed in-game animations based on NSTeens established characters.

NS Teens Challenge eLearning home page as shown on a laptop
Which website is unreliable? screenshot from NCMEC eLearning game
Screenshot from NS Teens eLearning game. Tabletop with 8 iphones on it.
Animation screenshot from NS Teens e-Learning computer game
Profile completed screenshot from NS Teens eLearning game
Animation screenshot of educational e-Learning computer game
Screenshot showing completed game of NS Teens e-Learning app
Certificate of Completion screenshot of NS Teens E-Learning game