P5 Realty and P5 Properties Branding

P5 Logo superimposed over a nice patio

A new property management and realty company came to Sutter Group with a request to help them with their branding. The company is composed of two groups, P5 Realty and P5 Properties. They asked for the logo to make the P5 instantly identifiable, as it has personal meaning to the owners.

Sutter Group did an extensive market and design study and, through working with the client, we developed a brand with a mid-century modern feel. This brought a unique perspective to the realty business space. To differentiate the two sides of the business, we color-coded each – orange/red for the consumer side (P5 Realty) and light blue/dark blue for the commercial side (P5 Properties).

P5 logo as designed by Sutter Group
P5 logo in various versions, including blue, orange, and reversed
P5 icons
P5 color chart
p5 branded font list
p5 reversed logo on brand color backgrounds
p5 logo on outdoor signage and coffee mug
P5 logo as it appears on a realty sign