Custom Advertising: Giving Consumers a Choice

As advertisers, we are acutely aware of how disruptive advertising can be. It’s why, as a society, we’ve become incredibly averse to most forms of advertising. Whenever possible, we do our best to avoid blatant advertising, whether we’re watching TV or surfing the internet. Marketers like us do our best to make ads interesting, engaging, and likable – yet still, most people really just want to fast forward and get back to their content or simply go about their day.

Personalized Advertising

But what if consumers felt like they had some say in the ads they were being served – would the ads be more successful, or would they still fall on deaf ears? According to Adweek, this is an idea some brands are starting to experiment with on streaming video services like Hulu and YouTube, where viewers can choose to watch an ad for whichever product suits them best. Customizing the ads viewers see based on their choice not only forces the consumer to engage with the brand of the chosen ad before even seeing the clip, which increases engagement, but it could also provide important consumer data about preferences, provided strong analytics are tied in. It would essentially let brands conduct market research through advertising.

We’ll be watching this custom advertising concept to see how it develops and how consumers react to having more choices. Frankly, we love it. Ultimately, our goal with any marketing or advertising effort is to connect with the target audience on behalf of our clients’ brands. This technology will allow us a much greater probability of doing so, since the consumer has had a hand in picking which ad they’re watching. With any luck, this same principle will start to take hold in mobile advertising, digital ads and even on television! team.