Millennium Challenge Corporation New Logo

Millennium Challenge Corporation [MCC] unveiled a new logo (designed by the Sutter Group), on Sept. 10, 2008 as part of their efforts to raise awareness of the global fight against poverty and U.S. Government efforts to provide sustainable, long-term solutions for the world’s poor.

About MCC’s New Logo

MCC’s new logo, a star formed in the classic shape of those on the American flag, is an emblem of the partnership and progress that this innovative way of delivering foreign assistance is bringing to some of the world’s poorest countries.

The logo contains sweeping stripes of red and white, symbolic of roads or fields that are part of many MCC programs, as well as three stars representing the principles of aid with accountability, country ownership and partnership, and results-based assistance that define MCC’s cooperation with countries across the globe.

The new logo is energetic, giving a sense of forward motion and progress, of long-term and sustainable economic growth, and of the partnership that takes place when two countries work together through Millennium Challenge Corporation programs.

Why A New Logo?

MCC developed this new logo after feedback from Congress, partners in the field, and other stakeholders called for a clearer visual connection to the MCC’s programs and the people of the United States.

The MCC star will replace the current logo, which will be retained as the official “seal” of the organization. MCC will gradually replace the logos in order to minimize costs and ensure responsible use of graphic, web-based and other communications products.

About Millenium Challenge Corporation:

The Millennium Challenge Corporation, a U.S. government agency designed to work with developing countries, is based on the principle that aid is most effective when it reinforces sound political, economic, and social policies that promote poverty reduction through economic growth. For more information about MCC, visit