We Sell More Than Promotional Products

At TSG, the most important thing we do is to build, protect and promote the brands of our clients.  When a company trusts us with their brand, we make a commitment to keep it as strong, true and polished as possible. Our ability to do this extends far beyond websites, ads, collateral materials, and social media sites. It also often includes creating an assortment of high quality branded products and apparel.

The new pens we just ordered for TSG, pictured above, are the perfect example of this. We knew we had to design and source pens that were the epitome of our company. They had to be cool, polished, reliable. We wanted people to see the superior quality of the pens, just like the superior quality they see from our work. We chose Prodir pens and designed one to use in the office and to give to our clients and prospects. Prodir pens are Swiss-made, write beautifully and can literally write for 7 miles. Since the Prodir product line affords nearly endless design options, we were able to develop a pen that fit perfectly with our new brand identity.

We don’t sell tchotchkes, but rather take the time to develop a deep understanding of our clients’ brands and deliver the best possible product to represent that brand. If you’re interested in starting a conversation about better-quality products for your organization, or putting our adaptive marketing expertise to work for you, please feel free to contact us.

And if you’re interested in giving one of our new TSG pens a try, let us know. We’ll ship one out to you, no charge.