What's in Your “Top Brew”?

Samuel Adams is “tapping” into the wisdom of their Facebook fans to create their next beer.

Between now and February 5th, Facebookers can use the Crowd Craft Project Facebook app to select their favorite beer ingredients and characteristics. The results will be unveiled in March in Austin and Boston.

Permission Marketing at its finest

This is a fantastic permission marketing tool. The premise for permission marketing, as opposed to interuption marketing (commercial emails and Pandora commercials, for example), is that the user is giving the marketer permission to share more about their brand. This creates a more receptive environment for builidng brand awareness, sharing your brand personality, and soliciting interaction and an action from the audience. While interuption marketing is highly successful in casting a wider net, permission marketing allows you to cast your net more deeply. Permission marketing can be found in more unconventional settings than interuption ones, such as social media networks, smartphone apps and AR tools.

Why it works

The Crowd Craft Project is a successful platform because it generates buzz (sorry) and it is presented in an engaging medium that offers a clean and highly usable interface. It sounds like Samuel Adams put all the right ingredients in this application, too.

You can give the Crowd Craft Project a shot for yourself right on the Samuel Adams Facebook page.