Delaware Community Response Team Branding

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Health Management Associates came to Sutter Group with a request to brand a new program of theirs for addressing the opioid public health emergency. Specifically, they wanted a logo that could be identifiable from a distance and that would convey unity, diversity and care.


Our designers created a logo that used color to represent diversity, hands to represent unity, and the red cross to represent care. The symbol, at first glance, is seen as all of these, letting the communities they serve identify them as help. The final logo consisted of full and abbreviated versions to allow for the widest variety of usage and ease of identifiability.

DECRT Logo designed by Sutter Group
Design ideas for DECRT Logo
4 decrt icons a
DECRT Branding – New Color Chart
Variations of DECRT Logo
DECRT Typeface Breakdown
DECRT Reversed White Logo on Black and Red
DECRT Logo, showing allowed space surrounding it
T-Shirt and Cup featuring the new DECRT logo
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