Land Rover


Land Rover’s dual model launch training at the Arizona Biltmore needed event management and branding efforts that would surpass the previous year’s experience. Sutter Group was challenged with making an annual gathering unlike anything the attendees were expecting. From invitation to on-site experience to commemorative take-home pieces, we delivered the oohs and ahhhs our client needed to hear.


For Land Rover’s launch of the Range Rover and the All-New Range Rover Sport, SG created the event logo, announcements and all training materials, using Land Rover marketing’s tagline, “One Idea. Two Stories” as the theme. Because the event was held in the intense Arizona summer, SG provided staff clothing that was moisture wicking, sunblocking and vented — perfect for 120° days in the shade. We also designed wayfaring signage and provided 1,000 custom glasses for the Margarita Luge during the final night gala. For classroom training and the Lost Rhino Cyber Café, we handled the audio-visual and provided all training materials in print and on CD. Check out the license plate — we did that too!


The environment in which the event takes place greatly influences the creative ideas we come up with. It’s critical that we stand in that space and imagine being a Land Rover brand representative. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be a huge personal fan of the products as well. We also do our homework to the fullest extent. That’s what allowed us to come up with the idea of creating a passport as the documentation for tracking training participation. Every detail matters at Sutter Group.

Land Rover - Printed Collateral
Light green Range Rover Evoke in a parking lot
Land Rover - Digital “retrospective”, 3 mobile app screenshots as shown on a iPad tablet
Land Rover - Lost Rhino café Signage
Land Rover - Fleece jacket with LR2 logo on the sleeve and apparel tag
The environment in which the event takes place greatly influences the creative ideas we come up with.
“Land Rover Retrospective” – a Hard bound printed publication, graphic design, copywriting, publication layout, printing
Land Rover LRYou - interactive microsite, online eLearning, event management and training center