BitPath Introductory Animated Video

BitPath video as shown on a tablet

BitPath is a broadcast data network that redistributes residual broadband signals to organizations that need extra bandwidth, such as fire departments, GPS networks, and sports broadcasts, to name a few.

Sutter Group was contacted to help them brand their new company. They had chosen three possible names and Sutter designed separate logos to go with each identity. Based on the logo designs, the name “BitPath” was chosen. The logo, by the way, used radio waves in the design, to simulate a “B” for BitPath.

In order to contribute to the launch of BitPath, Sutter also created an introductory video, which we created from scratch, providing the script, storyboards, rough comps, voice recording and animation. The video has been used to promote the company and has been posted on their website.

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BitPath - Hand drawing storyboards
bitpath video 3
bitpath video 4